What We Do

We build accessible software

We are a custom software development and programing company. We build, modernise and integrate software with a relentless focus on delivering measurable business outcomes. Through our low overhead business model, international network of technology centres and transparent processes, we provide world class services at an accessible price.

Our clients value technology and are interested in investing their resources smartly to drive a return. Our clients are usually experiencing challenges as they grow and diversify. They are looking for a technology partner to help them define the solution and provide a high quality of development services to build a unique solution to meet their requirements at a price that won’t blow out the budget.

We build new software

We build new applications that are flexible, scalable, high performing and stable. Our applications manage critical data, transactions and core business processes.

We help our clients create custom software according to their requirements, industry reality and budget.

We modernize software

We are adept at upgrading old software and platforms. We work with our clients to modernize their current platforms.. Companies who have already made significant investments in creating custom software, want this software updated, not discarded We value our client’s investments and we help our clients extend the life of their existing platforms.

We customise software

We customise packaged software and systems to create unique and cost effective solutions for our clients. Often packaged software doesn’t fully meet all requirements. We work to develop software that fits between a turnkey solution and a build to order one.

We engineer software for competitive advantage

We are a software engineering firm with a strong business focus. We specialize in identifying the underlying business issue. Will a software solution alone deliver the required outcomes? If not, we craft solutions involving people, technology and processes to provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage.