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Andre Miller, Director, Global Communications, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s mission is to make it increasingly easier to create, sell and deliver world-class vacation experiences to the individual islands of The Bahamas.  The official website of The Ministry of Tourism is www.bahamas.com and it is through this platform that we seek to entice and convert travelers from all over the world to visit our destination.

We chose 3Connect to be our partner in the support & development of Bahamas.com in 2009.  We were looking for a company to assist us with developing www.bahamas.com into a website that would set us apart from our competitors.  We were also looking to ensure the security, stability and performance of the website as well as enhancing backend content management processes. 3Connect has not disappointed.

One of the biggest differences between 3Connect and prior companies that we have worked with is how easy it is to work with them.  We always have access to the technical team that is doing the work. We do not have to go through multiple layers of people for the execution of technical functions.  We have a dedicated account manager who knows our organization well.  

Progress of projects and support issues is available to us for review at any time. All initiatives are detailed in an online, agile project management tool and discussions amongst the development team, plus with our own team, are accessible at any time.  Projects and support are fully transparent.

Technical delivery is consistently excellent.  They are exceptional at Drupal development and they follow best practices.  We can sleep well at night knowing that our most valuable marketing asset is in safe hands.

We have worked with 3Connect on many other tourism projects alongside their support & development of www.bahamas.com.   In 7 years, 3Connect has not let us down. Their integrity, professionalism and long-term focus cannot be challenged.  We know that this local Bahamian company is on par with the best software companies in the world and we are proud to support their development.

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JoAnn Ackerman, Vice President, Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board


Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board is a destination marketing organization in The Bahamas, with hotels and resorts in Nassau & Paradise Island as its members.  Our role is to promote our member hotels in Nassau & Paradise Island.

We are always seeking opportunities to streamline our processes to add more value to our members. One such opportunity was identified in 2015 as being the automation of the collection of monthly data from our members, calculation of payments due and generation of VAT invoices.

We worked with 3Connect to define the requirements for the software and we were very happy that they immediately looked at the requirements from the perspective of building the software cost effectively.  This is not typical of software development firms.  We appreciated that they were focused on saving us money.

Their approach then was to partner with us as an organization on the software development process.  They worked in an agile way so that we could review progress in real time and make adjustments as we went along.  They were very transparent with us when changes would arise as to what effort it would take to make the adjustment. They also remained true to their original focus on saving money for us by consistently presenting multiple approaches to solve problems.   Usability was also a constant theme in their development, as introducing new software is never easy, and it is particularly hard when software is awkward to use.

3Connect ensured that we can generate a return on investment for our software. They built our software as a “product” so it can be sold to associated companies of ours, with minimal additional work required.

3Connect is not your usual kind of software development company and we are glad that we worked with them on this project.  We highly recommend 3Connect for software development.


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Brian Smith, Managing Director, Bahamas Automated Clearing House

“Bahamas Automated Clearing House (BACH) Ltd. provides cheque clearing and electronic payment services to the clearing banks of the Bahamas. Daily, thousands of clearing bank customers depend on trouble-free execution of their payments and deposits in the normal course of commerce and living. This requires focus on our service delivery. In 2010 BACH decided to outsource our email and document management to 3Connect Bahamas to allow our staff to attain this focus and we have never regretted this decision. The cost is reasonable; hosted Outlook and Sharepoint have proven to be very reliable and very flexible; response to our requests are always same day at most; and we have eliminated the burden of training, upgrades, vacation coverage, application administration, etc. 3Connect is a valued partner and a contributor to our success.”

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Michael Kaboth, General Manager Chub Cay Marina & Resort


“Just a brief note to thank you and your team for the outstanding support we received with our legacy software. Our complex and extensive accounting package was custom written for our operation by Softworks International over many years. It fully integrated F&B operations, POS, Front Office with a sophisticated back office including payroll control to provide timely and accurate cost and inventory controls in all phases of our busy Resort, Marina and Utility Company.

The sudden death of the principal of Softworks together with the implementation in The Bahamas of the Value-Added Tax created the perfect storm for us. We were faced with losing a highly sophisticated system and replacing it with a generic one-size-fits -all US-based accounting package. We tried to get other software development firms to help us but they all said it was too difficult to take on.

3Connect Bahamas was highly recommended by the Bahamas Hotel Association to us to solve our problems and it did not disappoint.

Not only did 3Connect’s software engineers implement the changes necessary to accommodate the new tax regime, they have also applied their skills to make great improvements and updates to the software.

3Connect also provides excellent service, being highly responsive and very business focused. You don’t find that very often in a software development firm!”