3Connect has pioneered a model of software engineering that gives clients and computer software engineer developers what they really want; great quality projects, flexibility in terms of how they work, and at a price that delivers good value.

Computer Software Engineer
or Junior Software Developer

We would love for you to join 3Connect. We are always open to having new talent join our global and diverse team. We are constantly building our team of high-calibre independent computer software engineer professionals and consultants in all areas and levels of software development/programming, business/systems analysis and technical writing.

We support our developers working virtually from where ever they choose to be.

We support our developers in their work/life balance and focus on results, not presenteeism.

We also support women in IT and can offer flexible arrangements to women looking to re-enter the workforce on a part time basis.

If you are a computer software engineer or junior software developer and can commit to our core values, you are excellent at what you do and you are looking to work on interesting projects, please email us at or