Marketing power

Not an IT post, but certainly a marketing one. It was simply incredible to watch the Oakland community's response to #BBQBecky.  For the community to organise and respond to #BBQBecky's harassment with such a positive community building event such as the BBQ'g while...

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Premier Boards enhances the effectiveness and
reduces the risks of Boards of Directors.

Premier Boards provides Boards of Directors with a board portal which :

Streamlines compliance:

  • Conflict of interest, anti-bribery , anti-money laundering legislation
  • Document retention
  • Company-specific financial and non-financial limitations
  • Enhances shareholder engagement…

Premier Boards enhances the effectiveness and reduces the risks of Boards of Directors.

3Connect Bahamas is proud to be a member of the Bahamas Hotel & Tourism Association.

3Connect Bahamas has supported the development of the tourism industry in The Bahamas for many years.  We provide software development services to many of The Bahamas’ key tourism bodies such as Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board as well as the Bahamas Hotel & Tourism Association, along with hotel & tourism companies.


Tourism projects have ranged from developing a custom solution to meet the requirements of The Bahamas’ small and medium tourism enterprises,  developing a custom solution to manage The Bahamas’ key tourism initiative, the People-to-People program, to developing custom workflow solutions to improve productivity and better service customers, 24Hr Digital Channels, performance, security and workflow site audits and modernizing legacy applications.

A look inside Fertility Inc.

As Kowitt writes, some founders are concerned that the newfound focus on fertility and pregnancy will divert what little attention the rest of the women's ... A look inside Fertility...

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