This post originally appeared on our partner Marcollie Blue’s website.

Here are some examples of trends that relate to Boards of Directors and matters they consider picked up by Shaping Tomorrow’s artificial intelligence online scanning bot.

Tech related

Security related

Resource related

Role and risk related

Sector related

The relevance?

These trends have been picked up by an artificial intelligence bot that scans literally millions of posts on the internet and extracts items that relate to a wide range of areas of interest. In this case, the extracts are those the bot picked up and allocated to the ‘Boards and Directors’ key words category. Some of the extracts are quite broad in nature, others quite specific. What is of potential interest to time-pressed directors is that a simple report compiling these extracts can be accessed free and simply by typing key words into the ‘Forecasts’ box on the front page of Shaping Tomorrow and then clicking on the ‘GO’ icon. The report will appear within a very short space of time – in this case less than 30 seconds. There are many categories Directors can enter to get a quick overview of what is happening in areas that are relevant to the business, organisation and matters at hand that they are required to deal with in their roles.