In 2016 3Connect built a solution for Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board, a destination marketing organisation, to automate the processing of an industry levy.  The industry levy is also called a Destination Marketing Fee that accommodation providers pay an industry body to promote and market their accommodation and destination.

The application was set up to be extremely easy to administer by NPIPB and to use by its members. NPIPB’s members are busy running hotels and, like most business people, they were not interested in learning a complicated software.  Our application provides an online form via email every month in which members enter 4 pieces of data. All other components are calculated automatically.  Members can review prior submissions at any time.

Along with saving significant time on this previously all manual, monthly process, it has made compliance so much easier for NPIPB and their members.

in 2017, we rolled the solution out to Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board.

Take a look at a case study on the solution here

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