I have loved James Altucher’s writing for many years now.  When I first started 3Connect, I used to do James’  daily practice every day and it really did help. Then I stopped and all the good ideas and the energy and drive to build my business slowly went away. It happens so slowly that you don’t even realise it.

Thankfully, I have re-connected with James’ daily practice recently and I am seeing the results – much more driven and focused on achieving my company’s goals.

This post on reinvention summarises many of his key ideas.   Reinvention is something that I see all around me in the people in the software development industry.  However, I think that James makes it sound so very easy, when it is really a matter of throwing out all of your understanding of how work should be, how life should be, and learning completely new skills. It is a matter of constantly marketing yourself and generating opportunities for yourself or company, and this is not easy to do.  It is a great post though and I hope you enjoy it!